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Village life is a wonderful thing, something to be appreciated and preserved. Its quality is very much dependent on the efforts of those that live there. That’s as true for the parish of Toppesfield and Gainsford End as it is for anywhere else. It’s also true that the more effort that is put in to create a sense of community, the greater the gain for the village as a whole.

This website is intended to help maintain that process by allowing information to be exchanged, news to be spread and events to be announced. Find out what’s happening and read about what’s happened. If you want to keep abreast of the latest news then sign up for the RSS feed.

Our facilities are very important and their continued use is essential if we are to maintain our sense of community. See what’s on offer by clicking on the Amenities page.

The site also carries news on developments and initiatives from Braintree District Council that have a direct effect on those of us living in the parish.

And don’t forget whatever your news, views, ideas and suggestions we want to hear from you.


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